My regular gallery, with most of my work can still be found on Fur Affinity and e621. But here is the place for my interactive experiments that can't be hosted there.

Visualisator, was one of such interactive experiments, a stand-alone program on Unreal Engine 4 that would allow the user to view and pose 3d models (you can see the old video of it here), however this project is now on hold. With Blender 2.8 release there is no real need for it any more, all the great real-time graphics for models can now be seen in a free and infinitely more feature-rich program.

However I do still have plans for Visualisator, as there is simply no good open-source webGL model viewer around at the moment. Perhaps I can use Babylon.js, to create something similar to my gallery on Sketchfab, but this time it will be self-hosted, support custom scripts and functionalities (imagine vore tours), and of course, it won't have restrictions on what kinds of adult content I can do!

For now, there is a couple 3d models made available using Marmoset Toolbag viewer.